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Quick Switcher

The Quick switcher lets you jump to other notes without leaving your keyboard. The shortcut to invoke it is Ctrl/Cmd+O. Just start typing, and matching filenames will be selected. Use up and down arrows to navigate the results, Enter to jump to a result, and Esc to exit the quick switcher. Holding down Cmd/Ctrl will cause the note to open in a new pane.

If you want to create a new note, typing a unique name will cause the Quick Switcher to create it. If the name is similar enough to an existing note, the Quick Switcher will default to opening the original note. To avoid this, holding down shift will force creation of a new note with whatever name is in the Quick Switcher. This can be combined with Cmd/Ctrl to create the new note in a new pane.

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Before you enter anything, the top 5 most recently visited notes will be shown, so it's also useful to quickly switch two notes by doing Ctrl/Cmd+ODown arrowEnter.

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Last updated on 9/1/2021