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Outgoing Links

The Outgoing Links plugin shows the links from the current note at a glance, as well as potential links to be made. If you're familiar with the Backlinks plugin, you can think of outgoing links as the opposite direction of backlinks.

After enabling the plugin, you should see a new pane in the right sidebar, which contains two sections: "Links" and "Unlinked mentions".

The Links sections show links to other files, headings, and blocks. Clicking on a link will take you to that file.

Each type will have its own icon for you to distinguish them; links to files that are not created yet have special icons.

Underneath the title, you can also see the folder path of each file.

Unlinked mentions

If any text in the current note matches the name or alias of another note in your vault, you can see the context, highlighted match, and a button to Link it under "Unlinked mentions".

When you hover over the button, it will show the full path of the file if it's not in the vault root. If you have multiple files of the same name, this can help you distinguish them.

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Last updated on 9/1/2021