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Mobile App Beta

Public release

The mobile apps are now officially publicly available. You can find the download links for the public versions at


For more details on how to use Obsidian for Mobile, including guides for setting up sync, see Obsidian Mobile.

Insider builds

If you're a holder of the Catalyst license, you may wish to join our insider builds for mobile.

To keep feedback and releases centralized as we don't have the capacity to debug and collect feedback via email, we ask Catalyst users who would like to beta test to go through the following steps:

Step 1: join our Discord

First of all, please join our Discord.

Step 2: claim your Catalyst badge to access #insider-build-mobile channel

If you don't have your badge yet, [[Catalyst license#Discord badge|you can get it in your Account page]].

Step 3: get the app via TestFlight (iOS) or APK (Android)

Once you get your badge, you should be able to see the #insider-build-mobile channel along with regular channels like #general and #publish.

To find the instructions for installing the mobile apps, go to #insider-build-mobile, and open pinned messages.

On Discord web and desktop, you can open pinned messages of a channel by clicking on the pushpin icon near the search bar at the top. On Discord mobile, you'll need to swipe left to reveal the right sidebar and tap on the pushpin icon at the top.

For the iOS app, look for the TestFlight link. Make sure to open the link on your iPhone or iPad, rather than on your computer. For the Android app, install the APK from the latest pinned messages if there are several of them.

How do I provide feedback?

Before reporting an issue or submitting a feature request, please visit the list of known issues on our forum to see what's already known and on the roadmap.

The current group being rolled out can access the #insider-build-mobile channel on Discord as well as the new Mobile category on the forum.

To keep track of bug reports and feature requests, please direct them to the forum as usual. Thank you for trying out our beta!

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Last updated on 9/1/2021