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Names are not listed by amount of contribution, but alphabetically (or at least we try!).

Dev team

  • Licat (Shida Li)Obsidian office cat
  • Silver (Erica Xu)Team Little Silvers


  • anthonyg (Anthony Gold)Team GoldThink Tank
  • argentumTeam Little SilversLinux masterZotero master
  • cotemaxime (Maxime Côté)Linux master
  • death_au (website)the MagicianTeam Gold
  • Eleanor (Eleanor Konik)Halp Obsidian turned me into a dev
  • koalaExtreme Bug Finder
  • Leah (Leah Ferguson)Roll for initiative!Non-techy Apple geek
  • liam (Liam Cain) Maker of CalendarPlugin API MasterVolcano Veteran
  • mediapathic (Steen Comer)Bad Cop
  • nickmilo (Nick Milo)Mappy McMapster
  • ReggieGo green or go home
  • rigmarole (Chris Lesage)Forum master
  • ryanjamurphy (Ryan J. A. Murphy)That funny guyApple FanboyForum master
  • Sam Baron (website)Think TankForum master
  • Santi Younger (website)Forum master
  • WhiteNoiseThink TankZotero masterBug report exterminator
  • Carl the TurtleOnline 24/7Easily triggeredGood and pureGo green or go home


  • Andrea Brandi (Italian)
  • canzi-teacher, 蚕子 (Chinese Simplified)
  • Daniel Mathiot (French)
  • Henrik Falk (Danish)
  • JxhnnyUt8h (Russian)
  • k-andzhanovskii, Константин Анджановский (Russian)
  • lisachev, Сергей Лисачев (Russian)
  • mafsi, (Patrick Danilevici) (Română)
  • taksas, 中山 拓海 (Japanese)
  • VKondakoff, Валерий Кондаков (Russian)
  • yo-goto, ぱだわん (Japanese)


  • jstone for maintaining our builds on flathub
  • adamgibbins and ran-dall for maintaining our builds on homebrew


The first version of the help vault was written by Silver. Later part of it was written by @mediapathic, with a big help from Reggie. We also got corrections from the many pairs of eyes in the Discord and forum community.

We now accept pull requests to the help vault in our docs repo.

Add your name

If you're a translator, please make a pull request to add "Your Name (contributed language)" to the section above. Please keep the list of names alphabetical, thanks!

If your name is not in English and can't be alphabetically listed, use this format: your-github-username, [your name in your language] (Language name).

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Last updated on 9/1/2021