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Internal Link

Internal links are the backbone of your knowledge network.

To create an internal link, simply type [[. This will prompt you with the list of notes you can link to. Use Up arrow and Down arrow to navigate the suggestion list and Enter to select the current highlighted link.

You can also link to specific headers in files. Start typing a link like you would normally. When the note you want is highlighted, press # instead of Enter and you'll see a list of headings in that file. Continue typing or navigate with arrow keys as before, press #again at each subheading you want to add, and Enter to complete the link.

To make the link display different text than its real note name in Preview, use the vertical pipe (Shift+|) For example: Custom Link Name in Preview! This can be combined with linking to headers, as in [[Folding#By way of example|Example of Folding]].

  • To follow a link in the Preview pane, simply click on the link.
  • To follow a link in a new panel from Preview, click while pressing Ctrl/Cmd''
  • To follow a link in the Editor pane, click the link while pressing Ctrl/Cmd.
  • To follow a link in a new panel from the Editor, click the link while pressing Ctrl/Cmd-Shift''
  • To see a preview of the linked content without leaving the current note, enable the page preview plugin and a popup window will be displayed.
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Last updated on 9/1/2021