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Catalyst License

On this page

Obsidian is free for personal use. A Catalyst license is an optional license that provides the following benefits:

  1. It gives you early access to the latest, cutting edge versions of the app;
  2. Provides you cool badges on our community Discord server and forum; and
  3. It helps support the development of Obsidian (thank you 💜!)

There are three tiers of the Catalyst license: Insider ($25), Supporter ($50), and VIP ($100) - each of which gives you access to insider builds.

Please note that Catalyst is optional and ==does not give you any additional app features==.

To upgrade to Catalyst, please visit our pricing page.

If you use Obsidian for work-related activities, you may need a commercial license.


How do I get my shiny badges after I upgrade?

Congratulations! After upgrading, you will find two buttons in the "Catalyst" section in your Account page.

Discord badge

==Please make sure to join our Discord server first.==

In your account page, click on "Get Discord badge", which will authenticate with Discord and add the badge for you automatically.

Forum badge

==Please make sure you've registered an account at our forum with the same email address.==

In your account page, click on "Get forum badge" , which will add the badge to your forum account.

If your forum email doesn't match your account email, the badge can't be added. In that case, please change your email in the forum to be consistent with your account email.

Please note that your forum badge is not a "badge" in the forum system, but a shiny gold tag right next to your name in all of your posts.

What do I get when I pay for Catalyst?

You get access to our Insider builds. On top of that, if you get Supporter or VIP tier, you can access an exclusive Discord channel to hang out with the developers.

When we do closed beta for a big new feature (such as mobile apps or a Typora-like WYSIWYM mode), we will roll out the beta to VIPs, Supporters, Insiders, and then everyone else, fixing issues along the way.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our website accepts credit cards and some debit cards. This method is the quickest and easiest.

If you need to pay via PayPal or Wechat, it's also possible. Please find the instructions by logging in on our website and select the "Catalyst" option.

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Last updated on 9/1/2021