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Embed Files

Embed attachments

You can embed attachment files like images or audio in your notes. Use the ![[filename.png]] syntax like so:


![[Excerpt from Mother of All Demos (1968).ogg]]

You can embed a PDF file in your notes with the same syntax. Additionally, you can write ![[My File.pdf#page=number]] to open to that specific page of the PDF directly.

Embed notes

You can embed a note also, with the same syntax:

!Accepted file formats


"iframe" is a way to embed a web page in another. It's useful because Markdown can accept HTML, which is a simple language to construct the web pages we see every day.

For example:

<iframe src=""></iframe>


The basic syntax is:

<iframe src="INSERT YOUR URL HERE"></iframe>

Some websites have quirks that don't allow you to embed them. For example, you can't embed a YouTube video by using its normal URL, but you can use its embed URL which is

If you want to embed a website, try searching for "{website} embed iframe".

For example, you can embed Twitter tweets like so as suggested by search results:


Developer notes

The syntax is inspired by Markdown's image syntax. We had two observations:

  1. [Image](link.png) links to the image, but ![Image](link.png) actually displays it.

  2. The internal link syntax is based on this assumption: [[My page]] is a shortcut (or "syntactic sugar" if you will) for [My page](My page).

To combine these two things, we can come up with a third pattern:![[My page]] should be equivalent to ![My page](My page) , which by the image convention, if the title is the same as the link, should display it.

There are other implementations out there, for example Roam Research uses {{embed: ((NODE_ID))}}. We have also considered using the ((Page name)) syntax too, but we feel like ![[Page name]] is more consistent, more familiar, and leaves more room so that the other symbols to have their own meanings.

Resize images

You can resize images using the following syntax:

For markdown images, use ![AltText|100x100](https://url/to/image.png)

For embeds, use ![[image.png|100x100]]

To have the image scale according to its aspect ratio, omit the height ![[image.png|100]]

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Last updated on 9/3/2021