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Contributing to Obsidian

Thanks for the interest in contributing to Obsidian!

There are three major ways you can contribute:

1. Financial contribution

Commercial license

If you'd like to use Obsidian for work activities, try to let your work get you a commercial license.

Add-on services

If you'd like to make a website from your notes, consider getting Obsidian Publish if the price works for you.

If you're interested in an end-to-end encryption syncing solution, we also offer Obsidian Sync. In addition to end-to-end encryption, Obsidian Sync also comes with version history.


If you don't need any of the above, you can get a Catalyst license to support our developer, which also gives you access to Insider builds.

Obsidian Unlimited

For those very passionate about the project, there's also the Obsidian Unlimited option, which lets you pay as much as you want to support development and help us stay independent. We recommend going for this option after you've purchased the VIP tier of Catalyst license so that you can enjoy the benefits.

2. Extending Obsidian

CSS themes

If you're proficient in CSS, another way is to contribute a theme, so that people who don't know CSS can enjoy your work. If you decide to do so, feel free to share it on the #css-themes channel on Discord, or in the Share & Showcase category on our forum.

If you'd like to add your theme to the community theme list, let us know! (Or we might reach out to you first!)


If you're a JavaScript/TypeScript programmer, you can write Third-party plugins for Obsidian, now that our plugin API is in alpha.

3. Translation and proofreading

Translating the interface

If you know another language (preferably natively), you can help with translating the Obsidian interface into your language. You can do that by submitting a pull request in our translation GitHub repository to get it into the next version of the app.

Translating the docs

We're in the middle of reorganizing and stabilizing the documentation you're reading right now. Once it's in a good shape, you can also help translate it, so that people who don't know English can also easily learn to use Obsidian.

Found a typo?

If you found a typo or a grammar mistake in these documentation, feel free to submit a pull request in our documentation repository.

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Last updated on 9/1/2021