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Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have the Command palette enabled, You can use Ctrl/Cmd+P to bring it up, which will show you all currently available commands and their keyboard shortcuts.

Most keyboard shortcuts can be customized for your needs in Settings => Hotkeys.

The default keyboard shortcuts are listed below.

Save current fileCtrl/Cmd+S
Create new noteCtrl/Cmd+N
Command palette: Open command paletteCtrl/Cmd+P
Quick switcher: Open quick switcherCtrl/Cmd+O
Search: Search in all filesCtrl/Cmd+Shift+F
Graph view: Open graph viewCtrl/Cmd+G
Starred: Star/unstar current fileBlank
Audio recorder: start recordingBlank
Audio recorder: stop recordingBlank
Markdown format importer: Open Markdown converterBlank
Daily notes: Open today's noteBlank
Zettelkasten prefixer: Create new Zettelkasten noteBlank
Random note: Open random noteBlank
Navigate backCtrl/Cmd-Alt+Left arrow
Navigate forwardCtrl/Cmd-Alt+Right arrow
Open vault locationBlank
Use dark modeBlank
Use light modeBlank
Search current fileCtrl/Cmd-F
Toggle edit/preview modeCtrl/Cmd E
Delete current fileBlank
Split verticalBlank
Split horizontalBlank
Close active paneBlank
Close all other panesBlank
Open settingsCtrl/Cmd ,


Bold Selected TextCtrl/Cmd-B
Italic Selected TextCtrl/Cmd-I
Insert External linkCtrl/Cmd-K
Jump into selected backlinkAlt/Opt-Enter
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Last updated on 9/1/2021